Upholding the hotel shower legacy, Speakman's Neo™ 2.0 GPM Handshower with Slide Bar embodies the sleek, modern design of the Neo™ Shower & Bath Collection while featuring an efficient, water-saving shower head with a low flow rate of 2 gallons per minute.

Utilizing 8 Speakman patents, the water efficient Handshower demonstrates high Speakman engineering standards of quality. Speakman's patented plunger system exerts more water with more energy, resulting in strong sprays with a water saving 2.0 gpm flow rate. Patented Anystream 360 degree technology allows you to rotate effortlessly through 360 degrees of needling full-body coverage, central pulsating massage, or a combination of both sprays. The Handshower sits in an adjustable attachment on the Neo 25.75 inch slide bar, which provides for customization of the shower head height. A wall mounted bracket is supplied for easy connection of the hose to the water source. Choose from any of Speakman's Neo™ bathroom faucets and fixture accessories sets to complete the modern style of the Neo™ Collection in your bathroom.

  • VS-3010-E2 low flow Handshower with Anystream 360 spray-adjusting faceplate
  • Durable 60 inch metal shower hose with integrated vacuum breaker
  • VS-150 shower arm mount bracket
  • 25.75 inch SA-1002 slide bar
  • For use with standard U.S. plumbing connections
  • Hotel inspired modern design

List Price: $367.00

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