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Imagine a new ease in shower remodeling, where any fixed showerhead installation can be transformed into a modern spa- like handshower attached to an adjustable slide bar, without the cost or time invested in labor, materials, and complete reconstruction. This unconventional fixture sources water from the existing piping, running it through slide bar offering a multi-purpose, adjustable showering fixture while maintaining a clean, symmetrical structure.

    Introducing the new Speakman Waterslides™:

    • For use with any fixed showerhead piping installation, functions with any existing valve.
    • Neo™ Modern Design
    • Speakman quality engineering guarantees a strong and secure mounting system.
    • Typically, installation may be completed in less than a half-hour.
    • Fully adjustable slide bar allows for easy height adaptation.
    • Design curvatures, located at top end of unit, prevent hose and valve trim from interconnecting.
    • Includes Speakman Anystream® Neo™ Hand-held Shower (VS-3010) and 48in. metal hose.
    • Available in Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel finishes.
    • SWS-1001 Dimensions: 31in. x 5.75in. x 3in.(L x H x W)

    List Price: $516.00

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