The inspiration behind the design of the Speakman® Tiber™ Shower Combination System began with bathroom fixtures that were both elegant and luxurious, but also unique enough to command the attention of anyone who crossed paths with them. By taking a bold, square frame and artfully crafting smooth, round curves into its contours, the Tiber™ shower combination system was designed to become the center of serenity in your luxury bathroom. The Tiber™ Shower Combination System embodies Speakmans® unrivaled dedication to providing the highest quality fixtures for the modern bathroom.

    The Tiber™ Shower Combination System includes the anti-scaled pressure balance valve for uninterrupted bathing, the Tiber™ Anystream® shower head for a blissful bathing experience, allowing bathers to effortlessly rotate between a diverse array of massaging, flooding or intense spray settings, and a showerarm and flange to complete the elegant package. The Tiber™ shower combination is available in either a Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel finish to effortlessly fuse with your bathroom's existing decor.

      The Speakman® Tiber™ Collection Shower System Combination features:

      • Speakman® Since 1869™
      • Same grade as commercial
      • Chelsea™ shower head with Anystream® 360 degree spray adjusting face plate
      • Chelsea™ Shower Arm and Flange
      • Includes Anti-scald pressure balance valve with diverter and built-in check valves
      • Collection includes faucets, shower heads, valves, and accessories

      List Price: $578.00