Available Finishes


The concept behind the Speakman® Tiber™ Shower Head began with the idea of combining bold, pronounced features with soft, elegant designs. By expertly etching smooth, round curves into a distinct, square frame, we created a shower head that will not only be the centerpiece of your modern bathroom, it will proudly revitalize your bathrooms current decor.

    The Tiber™ Shower Head features Speakmans® patented Anystream® technology, providing an endless array of spray patterns suited perfectly to your personal preference. A simple rotation of this square shower heads face will produce a vivid variety of diverse, euphoric sprays. Whether you prefer intense streams of individual sprays, massaging blasts from specific, pulsating jets or anything in between, the Speakman® Tiber™ shower head provides endless possibilities for a blissful bathing experience. The Tiber™ shower head is offered in two distinguished finishes to seamlessly blend with your existing bathroom fixtures.

      The Speakman® Tiber™ Collection Shower and Tub System Combination features:

      • Speakman® Since 1869™
      • Constructed of lightweight Speakman® Engineered Plastic
      • Lifetime limited warranty
      • Anystream® 360° Patented Technology
      • Consistent spray performance even under low water pressure
      • Self cleaning Nozzles
      • Same quality commercial grade as in Hotels

      List Price: $69.00