To add individuality in the bathroom, Speakman Company introduces the Anystream® Vintage™ S-3019 showerhead. The Speakman Anystream® Vintage™ Showerhead was modeled after the classic Speakman 4 inch self- cleaning showerhead from the 1920s, while renovating its structural details. This signature showerhead, constructed of solid brass, functions off of the same innovative Anystream® 360° spray technology that was made famous by the classic 1920s showerhead. By simply adding an octagonal concave cut into base of the showerhead, the new design becomes unique and sets the pace for a modern vintage appeal in the bathroom.

The Speakman Anystream® Vintage™ 64 Spray Showerhead showcases Speakman trademarked Anystream® plunger nozzle system and pressure-compensating Autoflo® limiter precisely control 8 jets and 64 spray channels, transforming low-flow water pressure into forceful, fully-adjustable sprays. Swivel the sculpted adjusting arm to transition effortlessly through needling full-body, rinsing gentle rain, and drenching full-flood sprays.

The Speakman Anystream® Vintage™ 64 Spray Showerhead (S-3019) features:

  • 8 jets, 64 spray channels
  • Vintage design with updated Anystream® 360° technology
  • Spray adjusting contoured handle
  • Solid brass construction
  • 2.5 GPM flow control
  • weight 3.0lbs
  • Available in Polished Chrome Finish

List Price: $229.00