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There's something about the 1920's that seems to live on forever. The flair, the fashion, the lifestyle, but whatever it may be, it's our romanticized obsession with the "Roarin' 20's" that inspired us to design the Speakman® Anystream® Retro™ 6 Jet shower head. We took our world-renown Anystream® Icon™ S-2252 shower head and expertly remodeled its solid-brass frame with smooth, subtle curves to embody the timeless elegance of 1920's fashion.

    The Retro™ 6 Jet shower head features the exact same performance as our Speakman® Icon™ S-2252 shower head. The Anystream® technology allows bathers to effortlessly switch between diverse spray patterns suited perfectly to their preference. Speakman's patented plunger system ensures that regardless of the spray pattern, strong, powerful streams will disperse under any water pressure. The Speakman® Anystream® Retro™ 6 Jet shower head is offered in 5 distinct finishes to fuse effortlessly with any bathroom's decor.

      The Speakman® Anystream® Retro™ 6-Jet Multi function Shower Head features:

      • All Brass Construction
      • Lifetime Limited Warranty
      • Anystream® 360° Patented Technology
      • Consistent spray performance even under low water pressure
      • Self-Cleaning Nozzles
      • Speakman® Since 1869™

      List Price: $134.00