Bathers beware…the Speakman® Anystream® Vintage™ 6 Jet Outdoor Shower is in fact an outdoor shower system. And although the powerful currents that spill from the 20's inspired Vintage™ shower head may make you feel like you're in the privacy of your own home bathroom…we promise that you are not, and we ask you to keep in mind that people can see you. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

The Speakman® Anystream® Vintage™ 6 Jet Outdoor Shower is ideal for outdoor bathing. The diverse currents produced by Speakman's patented Anystream® technology is perfect for rinsing even the most stubborn grains of sand away. All it takes is a simple 360° rotation of the shower head's handle in either direction to choose between intense, full coverage and downpour flood settings. The Anystream® Vintage™ 6 Jet Outdoor Shower features a solid, chrome-plated brass body resists corrosion. A built-in adjustable temperature limit stop, temperature regulating module, and pressure balance module ensures a powerful, fully customizable shower experience under any water pressure.

  • Features a durable, solid brass construction
  • Includes the S񮚟 Vintage™ 6 Jet Shower Head with patented Anystream® technology
  • Chrome-plated brass body resists corrosion
  • An adjustable temperature limit stop prevents scalding
  • 1 year limited warranty

List Price: $672.00