The perfect conclusion to a day spent with toes dug deep within the sand is the Speakman® Anystream® Icon™ 6 Jet Outdoor Shower. The featured S񮚜 Icon™ shower head, equipped with Anystream® technology, allows you to rotate the shower head's handle a full 360° in either direction to select from three diverse spray patterns suited perfectly to outdoor bathing. The intense, full coverage and downpour flood settings are perfect for cleansing away even the most stubborn grains of sand.

The solid, chrome-plated brass body is constructed to resist corrosion in the harshest of outdoor conditions. The Speakman® Anystream® Icon™ Outdoor Shower includes an adjustable temperature limit stop, a temperature regulating and pressure balancing module to ensure a powerful, fully customizable outdoor bathing experience under any water pressure.

  • Features a durable, solid brass construction
  • Includes the S񮚜 Icon™ 6 Jet Shower Head with patented Anystream® technology
  • Chrome-plated brass body resists corrosion
  • An adjustable temperature limit stop prevents scalding
  • 1 year limited warranty

List Price: $660.00