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Isn't it time you start to live on The Edge? With a crisp, square frame and bold, distinct metal valve handles, The Edge™ Shower Valve Trim was designed to provide an adventurous statement in your bathroom's current decor. Modeled to fit to Speakman® pressure balance valves, this modern shower valve trim makes for an easy retrofit. When joined with other fixtures from The Edge™ Collection, this shower valve trim delivers a modernized update to your shower's design.

    The Speakman® The Edge™ Collection Pressure Balance Valve Trim features:

    • Collection includes faucets, shower heads, and accessories
    • Fits Speakmans® Pressure Balance Shower Valve, CPV-P-IS
    • Same grade as commercial
    • Speakman® Since 1869™

    List Price: $278.00