Lower lead in our faucets means safer drinking water, especially for young children.  Click here to learn more about lead free legislation.

Speakman No-Lead Products

What are lead free or no lead products?

Products can be described as lead free if the weighted average material composition of the wetted surface areas contains less than 0.25% lead.In other words, for each product we look at all of the components that come in contact with water, evaluate how much surface area of each part comes in contact with water, determine the percentage of lead in each of the materials that come in contact with the water and then calculate a weighted average of leaded surface areas in contact with water. The final result must be less than 0.25%.

Why lead free products?

The State of California has introduced a new state law generally known as AB 1953 mandating the use of “lead free” materials for all pipes and pipe fittings, plumbing fittings and fixtures being installed or repaired in any public water system or plumbing in any facility providing water for human consumption January 1, 2010. Since California passed its law, the State of Vermont has also adopted a very similar law that also goes into effect on the same date.

What is Speakman’s position on lead free?

We believe that all faucets including sensor and laboratory faucets fall under the purview of the California and Vermont laws. We have converted all of our faucet product lines to meet lead free regulations. We fully endorse the use of lead free brass and have converted our entire product line to no lead.

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