As a part of the global community, Speakman Company, is working to help preserve our environment by offering environmentally conscious products, which reduce overall water consumption. Our commitment is to offer our customers eco responsible products without the sacrifice of quality and performance.

Eco friendly products are denoted throughout our website by the eco icon icon.

Low Flow Showerheads
Speakman showerheads not only save water but provide users with a satisfying quality showering experience. These showerheads range from 2.0 gpm down to 1.5 gpm. Speakman low flow showerheads are WaterSense certified, meet LEED and Green Building Council requirements.
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Low Flow Faucets
All Speakman faucets come in a variety of low flow rates from 0.5 gpm to 2.0 gpm and meet requirements for WaterSense, LEED, Green Building Council, State and local code requirements.
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No Lead Products
Speakman’s no lead commercial faucets are certified by IAPMO to meet the regulatory no lead requirements.
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